About this blog

"Koto Channel 3DCG Anime" is a heartwarming animation of the 3DCG family that started the YouTube channel in June 2019.

I update it only a few times a month, so the number of works is small and I make it at my own pace.

We will introduce the characters here, but some fictitious content is also included.

【 Characters 】


Name: Ototama
Age: unknown
Gender: Male

The creator of "Koto Channel 3DCG Anime". I worked for a large company for a long time, but one day I suddenly quit the company saying "I will live freely !!".

However, I decided to study multimedia because I am an old man who still does not have a smartphone in this internet society.

While studying, I was absorbed in 3DCG and made one character a year later.(This character is Hanako.)

It's nice to be able to create characters, but I haven't decided what to do with this.

So I thought about making an animation using the characters I made and posting it on a video posting site.

At that time (2018), I did not watch YouTube etc., I searched CG videos on YouTube and learned about the existence of YouTube in VR for the first time.

Apparently, I found out that VR is the mainstream in Japan, but I didn't study VR, so I decided to make a video within my knowledge.

However, the production of CG movies was not so easy, and it started a year later.

Immediately after the start, it was a normal laptop computer, but I wanted a torso like other characters, so I forcibly attached the torso and it became a monster.


Name: Hanako Aimi
Age: forever 17 years old
Gender: Female

 ※My character decides not to get old.Therefore, there is no birthday story.

This is the first character that Ototama made, and he likes sweets.

She is a so-called nerd who likes computer programming and electronic work.

Recently, he is also interested in magic and is studying it.

For that reason, I often wear shrine maiden clothes when I'm at home.

She's a pretty suspicious person, so I was wondering if she could be the main character on the channel, but she said she wasn't motivated, so I decided to make another character.

She has compassion for her family and has created a comment mechanism called "Hanako System" and participated in the channel.

She sometimes visits an old woman's house in the neighborhood, but rather than talks, she looks forward to the tea and sweets served there.


Name: Kotone Aimi
Age: Eternal 14 years old
Gender: Female

She is the protagonist of YouTube, which was created based on Hanako.

She was mentally unstable at the beginning, but over time she became more active in the channel.

Her hobbies are reading and playing the guitar, and although she is an indoor person, she walks for about an hour every day for her health.


Name: Baba
Age: eternal 3 years old
Gender: Female

Ototama first named it "Jiji", but Kotone said that "Jiji" was the same as the cat name of "Kiki's Delivery Service", so Ototama changed it to "Baba".

※In Japan, the old man is called "Jiji" and the old woman is called "Baba".Ototama was denied "Jiji", so he changed it to "Baba".

Originally Hanako was a cat inherited from an old woman in the neighborhood, but Kotone was initially mentally unstable, so she sent Baba to heal her.

The first episode is the encounter between Kotone and Baba.

She is a scary-faced cat, but she is on good terms with Ototama's daughters. However, she is hostile to Ototama.


Name: Haruko Aimi
Age: unknown
Gender: Female

A computer doll produced by Hanako.

Like the creator Hanako, she likes sweets.

Haruko's appearance of eating sweets is so cute that Hanako gives too much sweets and can't eat herself.

She is as active as a boy, but she is quiet in front of Hanako.


Name: Kotofukin
Age: unknown
Gender: Unknown

A self-proclaimed free man wandering around the town where Kotone lives.

When Kotone was walking, he met Kotofukin and began to stop by the Aimi family.

Kotofukin is walking with a white guitar on his back.

When asked, "Are you Kotone?" Kotofkin insists, "No, no."

Hanako is in love with Kotofukin. Hanako eliminates those who get in the way.

【Shooting location】

Kotone Room


The house where Ototama, Kotone and Baba live. This is the main shooting location.

Hanako room


The house where Ototama's deceased parents lived. Hanako and Haruko live now.

The owner is Otodama, but in Japan, if you own an uninhabited house, you will be fined by the city hall. That's why Hanako lives in this house.

Hanako likes this house because she likes old-fashioned houses.