Fatal Frame 4 Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Operation explanation (Camera operation)


Hello, this is Ototama.

I'm playing "Fatal Frame 4" on my YouTube.

It's a Japanese game, so it's hard for foreigners to understand.

Therefore, I will explain the operation method supplementarily in this blog.


【Controller button】

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As a whole operation, the A button is decided and the B button is canceled.


She runs when you operate the lever while holding down the "Z" button.

【look back】


 Shake the Wii Remote controller or Nunchaku to look back.

【Open the door】

Press the A button to open the door.

If the character has the key, it will be used automatically with the A button.



Move the Wii remote controller up and down to move the light spot up and down. 

【Find the item】

If there is an item near your front, item filament will glow blue.


There is an item in the direction that the blue lamp lights up.

The item will shine when illuminated with a flashlight.


 You can pick up an item by holding down the A button.


If you release the A button on the way, you will stop picking up the item.


A filament appears in the center of the top of the screen when there is a ghost nearby.

The filament lamp indicates the direction in which the ghost is.

 The red lamp lights up for hostile ghosts, and the blue lamp lights up for other ghosts.

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【Use the camera】

Press the B button to hold the camera.

Press the A button to release the camera shutter.

【Hint photograph】

If you take a picture of the part where the blue haze appears, a hint for advancing the story will be taken.

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Stand in front of the lamp and press the A button to open the save window.


Select Save in the save window.


 There are 5 save slots, select one and press the A button.

You will be asked if you want to overwrite it, so select Yes.(A button)


Please wait as it is being saved.


The save is finished. Confirm with the A button.


Do you want to exit the save menu?

Select Yes and press the A button.



In the save window, you can exchange your points for items.

Points will be added when you defeat an enemy or take a picture of a ghost with a camera.

Select "Exchange" in the save window.


You can change the recovery medicine or film.


 However, what can be exchanged differs between easy mode and normal mode.

【Plus button menu】

Press the plus button to open the map window.


【Minus button menu】 

Restore your health with the tool menu.


There are 3 types of recovery items.



 From the left ...

Restorative drug restores 1/3 of health .

God's water fully recovers health .

The mirror stone is used automatically.

You can only have one mirror stone.

If you have it, even if your health becomes 0, you will be revived with maximum health only once.

Next is the camera menu.


Set the reinforced lens in the current equipment menu.

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 Discover reinforced lenses and equipment function in the game.

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 In the picture above, three reinforced lenses are set, but at the beginning only one can be set.

If you get the Equipment function "Kan", you will be able to set three.

If you have 3 lenses set, you can switch between them by pressing the Cross button up and down when holding the camera.

Also, you can switch the film you have by pressing the left and right of the Cross button while holding the camera.

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There are five types of film, and No. 07 is the weakest, but the number of films is infinite.

The strongest film is Zero and cannot be obtained by exchanging points.


The basic function menu can be upgraded by the number of collected Blue spiritual power pieces.



The Reinforced lens menu can be enhanced by the number of Red spiritual power pieces collected.



【Types of reinforced lens】 


1.Increase the power of the film. The effect is small.

2.Away the ghost.

3.Increase the power of the film. The effect is medium.

4.Increase the power of the film. The effect is great.

5.Increase the power of the film. The effect is great.

6.Slow down ghost movement for a certain period of time.

7.Increases the power of the film for a certain period of time.

8.Stops the movement of ghosts for a certain period of time.

9.Lock on the nearest ghost.

10.Power up Fatal Frame shooting.

11.Fatal Frame Increases chance time.

【How to use reinforced lens】 

Set it on the camera with the minus button menu and shoot with the C button.

However, the spiritual power gauge must be accumulated.

The spiritual power gauge decreases when you shoot.

The spiritual power gauge will accumulate when you defeat the opponent.

The consumption of the spiritual power gauge of the lens varies depending on the type.

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【Effect of Equipment function】  


1.Fatal Frame Opportunity becomes visible.

2.If you shake the remote controller at the right time, you will be able to avoid enemy attacks.

3.Can be equipped with multiple reinforced lenses.

4.You can see the remaining amount of ghost hit points.

5.You can see ghosts that you can't usually see.

6.You can shoot without consuming film.

7.You can hear the sound of ghosts.

8.The number of shooting points that can be obtained increases greatly.

【The method of Fatal Frame shot】  

Fatal Frame shot can attack stronger than usual.

Fatal Frame shot You need to get the Equipment function "Kan" to display the opportunity.

Fatal Frame shot Take a picture at the moment when the opportunity is displayed.


 【Explanation of basic functions】  


1.The limit of the charge meter is increased, and the maximum damage done is increased.

2.Increase the speed at which the charge meter accumulates.

3.The time until the shutter can be pressed again becomes shorter

4.Increases the maximum stock of spiritual power gauge.

5.Increases the amount of spiritual power gauge absorbed from enemies.

6. The shooting range is expanded.


Please see here for how to operate Spirit stone flashlight.