I tried moving “NAMCO SYSTEM256 motoGP”




NAMCO SYSTEM256 motoGP (2007 release 2006 season) was made in China.

Until recently, I didn't even know it existed because it wasn't installed in game arcades outside of China.

I found this game while searching for wiring parts on AliExpress.

I bought the software because it wasn't expensive, but there were no instructions and I couldn't find any detailed wiring information on the internet.

However, research on the Internet revealed that this software uses Namco's general-purpose I/O board (NA-JV).

I was able to run the game through trial and error from a small amount of information, so I will post the process on my blog.

[Wiring to general-purpose NA-JV PCB]

I got a junk item of general-purpose I/O board (NA-JV) cheaply.

The one I bought was general-purpose NA-JV PCB 8682960602.


I couldn't get the electrical diagrams for the motoGP game, so I looked up the wiring for the motoGP with reference to the electrical diagrams for other games.

<Pin assignment for another game>

20230401160247 20230401160319 20230401160316

<MotoGP pin assignment>


[How to operate the motoGP game]

Enter "COIN SW" twice to start the game.

Select a course with “STEER SW” and confirm with “VIEW CHANGE SW”.

There are 3 courses.

Com, Val, Ricardo Tormo Valencia GP


Sepang Malaysian Grand Prix


Mugello Italian Grand Prix


Select the model with “STEER SW” and confirm with “VIEW CHANGE SW”.


20230401160403 20230401160355 20230401160345 20230401160334 20230401160323

The operation is controlled by STEER, ACCEL, and BRAKE.

[Impression of motoGP game]

I am a fan of Valentino Rossi and especially enjoyed MotoGP around 2006.

I enjoyed this game very much because the faces of the riders at that time came out.

I'm not good at games, so I appreciate that there is no shift change.

I love this game.

If anyone wants to play this game, I would be honored if my hard work could help.

Until the end Thank you for reading.